Choose Ductwork by Experts

Choose Ductwork by Experts

We provide air duct replacement in Richardson, Allen, Plano & Garland, TX

Do you need to replace the ductwork in your home or commercial building? Choose air duct replacement by an experienced team in Richardson, TX, Allen, TX, Plano, TX & Garland, TX.

Koldaire has been providing heating and cooling services for more than 20 years. With our extensive experience, we're fully prepared to take on air duct replacement work in your building. We offer emergency replacement services for both residential and commercial clients. When you need to replace your ductwork, call 972-747-1225 right away.

When do you need to replace air ducts?

Sometimes, we can preserve air ducts with minor repairs, but sometimes, the ductwork is beyond repair. When we examine your property, we may find that air duct replacement work is necessary.

Your building might need air duct replacement work if:

  • Your system isn't cooling or heating your building as effectively as it should
  • Your heating and cooling system works well in some rooms but not others
  • You notice musty smells or mold, which are signs of leaking ducts

You may also need air duct replacement services if your ductwork is worn out, designed improperly or maintained inadequately. We'll inspect your ductwork for issues like these, discuss our findings with you and help you select appropriate services.